“Natasha” The ambassador for the disabled life

Every human being – a jewel 

The symbolic angel with just one wing was created with the support of Swarovski on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the club RollOn Austria and can be purchased as a necklace for €29.90.

Marlies Schild, former Alpine ski racer, and Barbara Stoeckl, ORF TV host –are both am-bassadors for this valuable activity.

Marlies Raich Barbara Stöckl Disabled people are no creatures from another star – but people, jewels like you and me even though their lives are more complex.

Our angel “Natasha” has an apparent defect:
She has just one wing – at the place where the second wing is missing thus making her disablility visible, beautiful crystals are shining; for Natasha is a symbol that disabled people are jewels and as precious as all other people.

RollOn Chairwoman Marianne Hengl::

“Even as a seriously disabled woman it was important to me right from the start to relieve the word disability of its stigma.”

RollOn Austria‘s aim is to represent the concerns and interests of bodily and multiple disabled people under special consideration of the dignity and livable lives of these people.

The proceeds from the sale of the pendant “Natasha” benefit the work with disabled people of RollOn Austria so that we can continue to commit ourselves to disabled people.

Marianne Hengl