08 July 2022

Successful world premiere with the Queen as a role model

Pure emotion! The world premiere of the Master Grand Prix over 60 in the Alpenarena at Schindlhof had everything to offer what makes great equestrian sport: great rides, excitement and a lot of emotion.



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Evelyn Haim-Swarovski’s beautiful round with her 17-year-old mare Delilah Royal was applauded by the audience and the entire family, especially husband Klaus and her children Marie and Maximilian Haim-Swarovski. 69.96 percent was a great performance after the long pandemic break, and she was rewarded with the 3rd place.

The victory went to Bianca Kasselmann with Dom Perignon, who was rated 71.66 percent by the jury. It was this exceptional German rider who was the first to enter the list of winners of the Manfred & Hilde Swarovski Challenge Trophy in 1995. Bianca and her husband Ulli Kasselmann were something like birth helpers for the popular tournament at Schindlhof.

Second place went to the German duo Maria Rösch and Quadiro with 70.76 percent.

At the award ceremony, the prominent judges presented flowers to host Evelyn Haim-Swarovski, who, together with Bianca Kasselmann, had come up with the idea of this master competition. “We want to prove that us oldies can still ride. Besides, riding keeps you fit! There are competitions for Children up to the  under 25 Grand Prix and so we thought, why don’t we also do an over 60 competition. I turned 68 yesterday and I have to say it’s so nice that we can finally all be here at the tournament again after the pandemic break. We are one big equestrian family after all. Thank you all so much for coming!”, said Evelyn Haim-Swarovski.

After the world premiere of the Master Grand Prix over 60, the over 60 Freestyle will follow on Saturday. Evelyn Haim-Swarovski: “We hope that our idea of these over 60 competitions will be adopted by other organizers. The fact that riding keeps you young can be seen in the example of Queen Elisabeth, who was still sitting in the saddle at the age of 93. She is indeed a great role model!”

26th Manfred & Hilde Swarovski Memorial Tournament
Concours de Dressage International, CDI4* Schindlhof

#8 Grand Prix de Dressage (CDN-A*)
Honorary prizes from the company D. Swarovski KG for the Top-3
Honorary gift of the distillery Rochelt
1. Bianca Kasselmann (GER), Dom Perignon 49, 71.66 percent
2. Maria Rösch (GER), Quadiro, 70.76
3. Evelyn Haim-Swarovski (AUT), Delilah Royal, 69.96
4. Bianca Kasselmann (GER), Cafe’s Caletta, 67.68

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Bianca Kasselmann
© Foto Maximilian Schreiner