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Initiator Manuel Lackmaier im Kreise seiner Schützlinge

Initiator Manuel Lackmaier im Kreise seiner Schützlinge

Tugende Together is committed to supporting children and adolescents of Uganda in their education. Through your support, we pay for school paraphernalia and tuition fees. In order to create the right environment for learning we also assist with accommodation, maintenance and basic medical care according to requirements.

Maximilian Haim-Swarovski is an old and very good friend of initiator Manuel Lackmaier and co-founder of the charity. This autumn Maximilian will pay Manuel a visit in Uganda to get an idea of the country and people we are working with. “Maximilian has influenced my choice of education decisively, and I am very grateful for that. Without him I would have never got interested in social management development aid and would possibly never have travelled to Uganda in the first place. Consequently Max was the main source for founding this project”, Manuel Lackmaier discloses.

Our goal is to enable children and juveniles a promising career after finishing school. We want to give them hope for a bright future and believe a reliable and high quality education will be the key to that future. We acknowledge that all of the students whom we support will have different needs; therefore we are committed to providing individual solutions. We hope this approach will motivate and encourage them to take on their social environment and their futures for themselves.

In 2017, we want to start building our own primary school in the east of Uganda. If you are interested to help, we would be happy to inform you personally!!

Manuel Lackmaier


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