for the
26th Manfred & Hilde Swarovski Memorial Show 2022

These House Rules serve the regulated use and guarantee of safety and order on the event premises inclusive of associated facilities. They are valid from July 08th to 10th 2022 during the time period scheduled for the event.

Guests attending the event confirm by entering the event premises as well as the associated facilities that they have noted and acknowledged these House Rules as being valid. The House Rules are posted at the respective access areas and can be reviewed prior to admission to the premises. They are valid and in effect for all persons present on the premises.

Guests are obliged to obey without delay the instructions of the supervisory personnel of the event organiser, police, fire brigade, emergency medical services and security personnel to ensure maintenance of order and safety.

Property rights:
The property rights of the event organiser are enforced by authorised private security personnel whose instructions are to be obeyed unconditionally.

The event premises:
The event premises are understood as the entire area of the horse show inclusive of stables and structures on the Schindlhof property.

Entering of and presence on the event premises:

  1. Permission to enter and/or be on the event premises is contingent on the willingness of the guest to allow a search (clothing and personal items) to be carried out by the
    security personnel of the event organiser.
  2. Guests without appropriate authorisation are barred from entering specifically designated areas (VIP area, stables and other buildings). Bands permitting authorisation for specific areas are to be worn firmly on a wrist.
  3. The event premises are monitored by video cameras.
  4. The bringing along of glass receptacles, pepper sprays, plastic canisters, pyrotechnical articles, torches, compressed air fanfare horns, megaphones, placards or banners with insulting political or racist content, as well as weapons of any type whatsoever, is strictly prohibited. Non-observance will result in expulsion from the event premises and, if necessary, a report filed with the local authorities.
  5. For safety reasons no ladders, stools, scooters, bicycles or bulky objects of any kind whatsoever may be brought onto the event premises.
  6. Prohibited objects must be disposed of by the guest personally. The event organiser or authorised security personnel will not take such objects from the guest entering the premises into their charge for the purpose of storage and/or return of such objects to the visitor when leaving the premises.
  7. Security personnel are authorised to search persons desiring admission to the event, namely for dangerous objects or objects not permitted inside the event premises. The event organiser reserves the right to carry out searches of the guest (clothing and carry bags) also during the event.
  8. The Tyrolean Law for the Protection of Children and Youth must be adhered to by visitors.
  9. A strict no-smoking rule is in effect inside and in the immediate area outside the stables.
  10. Security personnel are authorised to deny admission to persons to the event premises who refuse a possible search.
  11. The use of parking spaces on the event premises is permitted only for persons with the appropriate accreditation.
  12. Guests not permitted to enter the event premises are those who are known or potential agitators or troublemakers, those who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs, those who attempt to bring alcoholic beverages onto the event premises or those who carry objects which can be used for acts of violence as projectiles or otherwise used to blatantly disturb the orderly course of the event (as, for example, fireworks and smoke-bombs) and who refuse to hand them over to security personnel.
  13. Violation of the House Rules will be subject to appropriate sanctions. In the event that good cause is shown, in particular when a guest commits, for example, bodily injury, theft, drug dealing, etc., on the event premises, the event organiser is justified to deny admission to the guest. If the event organiser makes use of his right to do this, the instructions of the security personnel must be obeyed.
  14. During the event, loud noise (especially music) has the potential to cause physical injury, especially to your hearing. Crowding can result in circulatory disorders and general injuries, for which the event organiser accepts no liability.
  15. Refuse, packing materials and empty bottle and containers are to be disposed of in the provided waste containers.
  16. At the discretion of the organiser particular areas of the event premises may be closed off. In such cases the guest shall not be entitled to claim compensation.
  17. On the event premises all guests are asked to behave in such a way that no danger or harm is incurred by humans or animals and that they not be inconvenienced more than is unavoidable under the circumstances.
  18. In particular, event guests are not allowed to make fire, to mark, paint or post bills on buildings and structures, other facilities or paths. Furthermore, they must use only the toilet facilities provided and must not soil the event premises in any way, especially by littering.
  19. We wish to point out that high-voltage power lines are located on the premises. Entering or climbing such facilities is forbidden! Failure to comply will result in expulsion from the event.
  20. Audio, photo, film and video recordings of the event may not be used commercially without the written consent of the event organiser. Violation will be prosecuted.
  21. The event organiser reserves the right to make changes to the programme without prior notice.
  22. The event organiser is not liable for lost or stolen articles.
  23. By entering the event premises the guest agrees to being filmed or photographed, and to not object to any form of publication whatsoever, whether live or at a later time, or to make claims of any kind against the event organiser in this connection.
  24. All stairs, ramps, emergency and escape routes must be kept free. Other necessary instructions for the purpose of preventing or eliminating danger to life, limb or property can be issued as needed. Instructions issued by security personnel for this purpose are to be obeyed.
  25. Distribution of flyers, stickers, and magazines as well as the sale of merchandise of any kind must be approved by the event organiser.
  26. No advertising material of any kind (e.g. banners, brochures, newspapers, etc.) shall be permitted on the premises without the permission of the event organiser.

Lost property, personal injury and property damage:
Articles found on the event premises are to be turned over to an authorised representative of the event organiser. Personal injury or property damage must be immediately reported to the event organiser or an authorised representative.

The Haim-Swarovski Family